Most people find LilySpeech works amazingly well almost no matter how they speak. People figure it out and it just works. But, we want you to have amazing success dictating with LilySpeech. With that in mind, here are 5 tips on dictating like a pro:

Note: Before you get into the dictation tips, make sure you’re dictating in the right language and the right region (i.e. English – Canada) in your options. Read more here.

1. Speak in complete sentences.

It might sound obvious but it’s true! Gather your thoughts and think
about the complete sentence before you start. You’ll get much better
results. Not only will you speak more clearly, but LilySpeech will
better understand the context of what you’re saying.

2. Speak like a news anchor.

You don’t need to speak slowly or like a robot… that will actually
work much worse! Try to imitate the people on the evening news. They
speak at a very natural pace, never mumble, and they enunciate their
words well.

3. Be aware of punctuation commands.

You can dictate things like ‘new paragraph’, ‘new line’, ‘period’,
‘comma’, ‘question mark’, ‘exclamation mark’, ‘smiley face’ and a
whole bunch of other stuff!

Here’s the complete list:

4. Make use of custom words!!

There are going to be things LilySpeech spells wrong… people’s names
with unusual spellings for instance… or it just doesn’t recognize
because it’s something specific to your life, such as a business name.
Use custom words to correct this issue. The more you personalize with
custom words, the better LilySpeech works!

Check out the video on adding Custom Words:

5. Dictate one or two paragraphs at a time

If you’re dictating something longer, don’t feel you need to dictate
the whole thing in one go. It’s too much pressure! Dictate one or
two paragraphs and then transfer the text into your email or document.

This gives you a chance to edit as you go and gather your thoughts for
the next bit.

Bonus Tip! Get Paid to Use LilySpeech

Did you know you can get paid just to use LilySpeech? Well you can, and it will take you ZERO time. Seriously. It’s as simple as using the ‘Disclaimer’ feature and adding your promo code to it. Get all the details:


That’s it! Best of luck with all your dictating.




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