LilySpeech uses Google’s speech to text service which works for many languages. For English, we have added a lot of support for punctuation commands. This is not something we’ve been able to do for other languages as of yet.

However, it’s very easy for you to add punctuation commands for your own language through our custom words feature. Here’s how:

Open Custom Words

Access your custom words by right-clicking the LilySpeech icon down by your clock and choosing Custom Words.

This opens your Custom Words/Replacements where you can add edit or delete custom words.

Customizable speech recognition software

Now, you’re going to create a custom word, except it will be for punctuation.

On the left, in the ‘When I Say’ column, enter the punctuation word, for example ‘ period’. On the right, put the the literal ‘.’ character. Notice that we put an additional space to the left of the word period? This makes sure that won’t be a space before the ‘.’ At the end of your sentences.

With time, we will have built-in punctuation support for for all languages, but this should get Folks up and running in the meantime 🙂


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