Custom Words

LilySpeech allows you to create custom words so that it will properly recognized you when you say words it might not otherwise recognize. This might be things like a business name, properly spelling a family member’s name or any number of things.

Creating Custom Words

Access your custom words by right-clicking the LilySpeech icon down by your clock and choosing Custom Words.


This opens your Custom Words/Replacements where you can add edit or delete custom words.

Customizable speech recognition software

Now you simply enter on the left what LilySpeech thinks you’re saying and on the right what that should be replaced with. For instance…

If you have a business called ‘Ed’s Bakery & More’ LilySpeech may output that as ‘Ed’s bakery and more’. To fix this put ‘Ed’s bakery and more’ in the When I Say field and ‘Ed’s Bakery & More’ in the Replace With field.

Click Insert and you are all set 🙂

Get Creative!

You can get very creative with your custom words. For instance you could have your entire shipping address output when you say ‘my shipping address template’.

If there are things you say very regularly and wish to be able to output with a voice command, the sky is the limit!


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