Getting Great Accuracy With LilySpeech

To get the best accuracy possible, you’re going to need a good microphone, and then you’re going to need to dictate well. Let’s address both of these issues separately.

Dealing With Poor Microphones

If you’re getting extremely poor recognition even when you speak clearly, you probably have an issue with your microphone. The safest possible solution for people who seem to have very poor recognition from their mic is to switch to a USB headset microphone.


Generally speaking headset microphones work slightly better than built-in laptop microphones, and USB headsets work slightly better than headsets with the older style audio jacks.

Dictating well

There is a learning curve to dictating well for most people. Expect that it’s going to take a little bit of time and mental focus to get to a place where dictating feel second nature. Once you’re there, you will enjoy a massive increase in productivity!

We highly recommend people check out our more exhaustive ‘5 Tips to Dictate Like a Pro‘ post, but in a nutshell it’s this simple:

Speak like a news anchor. This means with good volume, clarity and in complete sentences.

The best advice we can give you as to how to do that is to take breaks between each sentence so that you can speak each sentence in its entirety.

Also, don’t think you’re going to dictate long documents or emails in one go. It’s too much pressure! Launch LilySpeech, say a couple sentences, transfer the text, edit, repeat!


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