How it Works

When you create a LilySpeech account, we automatically create an affiliate promo code just for you.

When somebody signs up for LilySpeech using your promo code, they save 25% and we send you $5 via PayPal 🙂

Getting Started

Once you sign up, you can find your affiliate promo code in your LilySpeech settings. To get there, just right click the LilySpeech icon in your tray.

Affiliate program LilySpeech

That takes you to you Monetize Settings where you will find your Promo code. You just need to provide a PayPal address to activate the code and then you can start sharing it with people.

You can share your affiliate Promo Code on:

  • Social media
  • Your blog
  • Your podcast
  • Whatever!

… but the brain-dead, easy way to make money with our affiliate program is just to Monetize Your Disclaimer.

Monetize Your Disclaimer

If you use the disclaimer to let people know the message was dictated (read about that here), you should strongly consider monetizing your disclaimer. It’s basically free money 🙂

To get started, click the link found in your settings.

Then, just provide your PayPal address, select Yes to add your promo code to your disclaimer and Save. After that your disclaimer will look like this.


Every time somebody uses that promo code, we are going to send you $5 via Paypal. Like we said, money for nothing 🙂



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