With LilySpeech you can dictate a wide variety of punctuation. Here’s a full list of the things you can say to produce punctuation:

new paragraph two line breaks
new line one line break
period .
dot .
comma ,
colon :
semicolon ;
exclamation mark !
exclamation point !
question mark ?
asterisk *
ampersand &
bullet point
open bracket (
close bracket )
open quote
close quote
open single quote
close single quote
smiley face 🙂
hashtag #

Placeholder Text Command

One more tool command is that if you say ‘placeholder text‘ LilySpeech produces this piece of text:


If you triple click that piece of text it highlights the whole thing allowing you to paste in anything you like very quickly. This is great when you’re dictating something and in the middle of what you’re saying plan to put something like a website URL or anything that you know LilySpeech won’t recognize.


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