Q: What does LilySpeech cost?

A: LilySpeech costs nothing for the first 30 days.  If you do not to cancel within the first 30 days your subscription will automatically renew for one year at a cost of $29.88. This is $2.49 per month.  Charges from LilySpeech will appear on your credit card statement as ‘vertical thinking’ or, ‘vertical thinking Burlington’.


Q:  How do I cancel my subscription?

A:  Right-click the LilySpeech icon found in your tray, down by your clock.

A window will appear where you can set your subscription to cancel.   You can also cancel online from your dashboard.

Q: What operating systems does LilySpeech work on?

A: LilySpeech works on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


Q: How does LilySpeech work?

A: LilySpeech uses Google Chrome’s amazing, accurate, Web Speech API functionality. Google Chrome’s Web Speech API functionality is widely considered to be the best in the world! To be a little more technical about it, the LilySpeech dictation window is basically a webpage launched in Google Chrome (which uses the Google Chrome Web Speech API service) which is then controlled by our software 🙂


Q: What if I Don’t Have Google Chrome?

A: LilySpeech does require your system have Google Chrome installed… BUT that does not mean you need to use it! If you prefer Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can keep right on using those browsers. Google Chrome just needs to be on your system for LilySpeech to Work.


Q: How accurate is LilySpeech?

A: Different testing has shown LilySpeech to be 99.5% accurate, but this of course will vary person to person. Like anything, the results you get with dictating will improve with a little practice. Here are five tips on getting the absolute best results you can.


Q: How do I get the best accuracy possible?

A: The best accuracy generally comes from a combination of a good microphone and then just you dictating well. Read our 5 Tips to Dictate Like a Pro for that.

As far as microphones go, we have noticed potentially slightly better results with headset microphones in general, but honestly we’ve had great results with laptop microphones also. Bottom line, if your microphone does not work well, try another.

Once in awhile background noise can be an issue. LilySpeech handles background noise very well, but if you’re getting poor results try things like turning off the television, loud fans, that sort of thing.


Q: Do I need to be connected to the internet to use LilySpeech?

A: Yes, the actual Web Speech conversion happens in the cloud, so a connection to the internet is necessary.


Q: Do you have an affiliate system?

A: We do! Actually, it takes two seconds for any user of LilySpeech to activate their affiliate account. You are provided your very own promo code, which you can share with other people in any way you wish. When somebody signs up using your promo code, we pay you $5! Read more about that here.


Q: Do you have tips on improving dictation accuracy?

A: We sure do! Here are five tips on getting the best dictation results possible.





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