Android Anti-Virus Software

The Android anti-virus software failed to identify the disguised malware as threat. It is happens once after the researcher from Northwestern University's computer science department decided to test how Android anti-virus programs could handle the malware's code called as polymorphism. In this test, Android anti-virus software failed to detect the malware.

These findings are seriously but not surprising, it also happens on desktop computers for years, than many anti-virus companies provides their formulas as solutions to battle with it. And now, desktop security more advance than mobile security to handle threats.

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With those facts, Android anti-virus software easily fooled including the anti-virus software made by 10 of the biggest Android security developers team. They need to spend more times, coding, money to develop the correct way how to identify the malware as a threat because Android phones are known more vulnerable to malware than iOS devices, but don't worry too much about it since lots of anti-virus options such as Android security app provided by Symantec, Kaspersky lab, ESET, Lookout, Zoner, and more.

Moreover, at this moment all anti-virus program for Android still need to proof if they can identify correctly the malware because according to the researcher, the Android anti-virus software made by 10 of the biggest Android security providers is easily fooled by a simple trick. It is bad news for Android fans, those Android security companies must hard working to provide the real solution to tackle these issues, handle malware which threaten Android users.

Referring to the report from researcher, most Android anti-virus software works by checking potential malware against a list known "signatures" or essential lines of code that can help identify a program's function. These security measures can evade by scammers by subtly tweaking the malware's code just enough to change it's signature without affecting the it's function, this method called as polymorphism.

So, to prevent losses that may arise due to the lack of function from anti-virus programs, you must be careful to use your phone for financial transaction. But if you can't avoid to do business with your phone, ensure you do payment through trusted third party not directly to your Credit Card such as Paypal or others similar service.

You can read the report here to get more detail information on how Android anti-virus software easily fooled. Hopefully, 10 of the biggest Android security providers have solution to handle this issue. It is very important to give a sense of security and comfort to android users to perform a variety of activities including financial transactions.

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