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I've had the Abvio Cyclemeter app for a long time now, and really like it. However, it's fallen out of use as I've been experimenting with different Garmin devices"dedicated" sport GPS devices, if you will. Being the tech geek that I am, however, I never really quit looking at all the different devices out there, no matter how happy I am with any one particular device (my Forerunner 305 is awesome and does everything I need, for example).

That all being said, I got the bug again tonight, and started looking at cases for my iPhone 4S. Now, I had a bad experience with the iBike Phone Booth last year (search the blog for "iBike"), but being the glutton for punishment I am, I was looking at it again this eveningreading reviews, looking for mounting options (one of my key issues last timecouldn't mount it with aero bars on the bike). Then I remembered the Wahoo Fitness bike mount; this one comes in two flavors, one with ANT+ and one that's just a case. Now, if this was about six months ago, I'd say I would definitely consider the plain case sans ANT+ because I wasn't into heart rate data (and I'm still into cadence/power data). However, now I'm really using heart rate data for calorie burn and to see my improvement over time, so I'd miss not having it. They also make an ANT+ dongle for the iPhone, and an armband case that will fit the phone and the dongle, for running.

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The reason I got the bee in my helmet (so to speak) about this is because I'm an all-in-one type of guy. I have a Casio Atomic Solar G-Shock watch because it does everything and it's good for workouts and yet looks good for work; and I never have to set the time or change the battery. I drive a Toyota Tundra because it drives like a car, yet is a massive truck so I can go through/over anything and still carry my bike and other gear. I have an iPhone so I don't need a separate camera and an iPod and a phone and an organizer and a calendaryou get the idea. I like having one device that'll allow me to do multiple tasks with it and simplify my life (same reason I don't have a laptop computer anymore and use an iPad for 99% of what I do).

So what's a geek/athlete to do? My iPhone goes on all rides with me anyway in my jersey or pack (for safety reasons), and on longer runs (in my Octane XCT). However, it's also an expensive device that, while durable, Apple never really designed for sports/outdoor applicationsand I have nightmares (I'm not kidding!) about it being smashed into unuseable junk as it falls from my hand/pack/handlebars.

Until this evening, I'd been considering getting a Forerunner 210 and an Edge 500; both Garmin devices, one for the run, one for the bike. My logic behind this idea is that they're each smaller than the 305 and yet do their jobs really well. I don't like the 310XT (had one, eBay'd it) because it felt too large (felt larger than the 305, if that's possible). But getting the 210 and the 500 defeats the purpose of the one-device school of thought I try and adhere toon top being stupid expensive to have both devices.

Sowhat to do? Honestly, after typing this all up, I think I'm back to considering the Forerunner 910XT. It's thinner and lighter than the 305 (see image rightnot my wrist, that's from Bing results; 305 is red, 910XT is black), the newest generation of the Garmin hardware/software, and will definitely do all of the sports that I'm into (and would be useful for my occasional swim workout as well). The cost of the one device would also be much less than two separate devices. I probably wouldn't go with the quick release, but use the rubber handlebar mount instead, as I only have a couple multisport races planned each year, and the quick release kit adds some bulk to the device.

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