How to Download Photos and Videos From Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular social networking site where the users sharing the moments captured with their friends , family and others.Last year, In september Instagram claims that the service passed 400millions users and about 80million photos are shared daily.Last month Instagram claims that number of monthly active Indian users had more than doubled over the last year.

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But did you try to download the photos from the Instagram ? As you may have discovered Instagram let's users to post photos or videos it doesn't allow users to download or save the photos and videos within the app.This way the social service network protects the rights of Instagram users to share photos on the app.But there are few methods through which you can download the uploaded photos or videos directly to your device storage.

via third party app on the phone

Insta Saveis one of the most widely used third party app which is available on Google Play Store. The app allows to save or download photos to your device storage, so you can see your photos anytime , anywhere.

NOTE that these third party apps does not affiliate to Instagram.These third party apps use oauth(open authorization) for login and they password will keep secure but the entire feed is accesible to apps.

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