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Photo Story 3 for Windows Microsoft. Breathing more life to your favorite memories with Photo Story 3 for Windows by adding motion effects, music and more for your digital photos. Let Photo Story automatically animate your photos or create your own effects pan and zoom options. And transitions, and titles to give your story a professional look. Personalize your creations by improving the story with comments made in their own voice. Create a soundtrack using your music library, or compose original melodies with just a few clicks to create the appearance of music. Photo Story reduces the size of your images without losing quality, so you can share your creations on the Internet or e-mail is very simple.

Save money when printing photos or graphics software

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Easy JPEG Printer Excellent tool for printing photos. If you have a digital camera, you've probably noticed that special print paper is very expensive. You may also noticed that many sophisticated graphics programs do not make it easy to print photos from digital images. This program simplifies the printing 4 "x 6" or 3 "x 5" pictures on a sheet of paper. Includes many other features!

Photo Paper Saver This program allows you do a lot of photo reprints quickly, easily and save money at the same time. The design program automatically detects your different prints using less space for waste less photo paper when cutting.

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