The Disclaimer

You can turn the disclaimer on in your options.  After that, a small disclaimer letting people know the message was dictated with LilySpeech is appended to your dictations.


This is a similar concept to the ‘Sent from my iPhone’ note that Apple appends to the end of email messages sent by iPhones, in case your thumb typing is a little off or you sound short.

We think it’s a good idea for dictation, simply because when the rare error does occur, it tends to be quite random, and people might wonder what you were thinking if they thought you typed it 🙂

Monetize Your Disclaimer

If you use the disclaimer, you should strongly consider monetizing your disclaimer. It’s basically free money 🙂

To get started, click the link found in your settings.

Then, just provide your PayPal address, select Yes to add your promo code to your disclaimer and Save.


How Do I Make Money?

After adding your PayPal address and monetizing, your disclaimer will look like this.

That promo code is specific to you. Anytime somebody purchases using that promo code you will be sent $5 via PayPal 🙂  This is part of our affiliate program what you can learn more about here.


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