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Email saved my last business.

Email saved my last business. After riding high on SEO traffic and receiving the perverbial backhand slap from Google in 2012, our sales dropped by 70% over the span of a weekend.

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Blessing in disguise

Although this SEO update killed sales momentum on that business, it did allow me to graduate to another level of thinking in my business. I quickly realized that relying on one channel, one supplier or one employee for a significant part of the business was a big mistake. "Don't bet the house" as they say.

Setting up a behavioural email strategy, post-SEO apocalypse lifted sales by 30-35% very quickly and over the next 2 years we eventually recovered our SEO positions, but not before our market became overtaken with competitors. Still, sending weekly emails and activating behavioral based email along withconversion focused email receipts saved the business.

The unexpected upside of email was the power of our brand which emerged as a huge advantage for us. We didn't have the cheapest prices in the market but we made sure our customers knew we we're alive and kicking every single week. The emails built trust and grew our lifetime customer value.

We used a variety of tools over that two year period. Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Madmimi, CampaignMonitor, Vero App to name a few. They all had their advantages and downsides and they all accomplish different variations of the 3 eCommerce branches below.

3 Broad Types of eCommerce emails

1. Mass or segmented blasts with an offer or content piece sent out at an opportune time weekly or monthly.

2. Behavioural email which is triggered based on an event or subscriber action (cart recovery, 30 day customer follow up)

3. Receipt/Transaction email which is simply an optimized, unboring transaction receipt that is sent to the customer right after signing up to optimize engagement, upsell, increase brand affinity and/or promote social referrals.

Today, I want to talk about a more recent tool that I discovered, which I use on my newest eCommerce website, that accomplishes my behavioral email strategy beautifully and easily.

That tool is Klaviyo. Klavi-Yo. Not sure about the name. I've mentioned it to some peers and clients and they tend to come back and ask me about the Clavicle email tool. Good thing is, the brilliant functionality of the tool makes up for the name.

I recently deployed Klaviyo on my Woocommerce store and while I don't have enough numbers yet to share the results or affect on my sales (I think this will take a couple months because of the nature of the emails), I'm boldly estimating that I will see conversions lifts of approximately 20% on dropped carts and %200 on lifetime value with customer follow ups. This is based on a previous business. Klaviyo is more robust and much easier to execute on as a non-developer.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyois a data driven email marketing application that let's you send purchase-driven emails to drive more sales and increase customer retention.

How it works?

Klaviyo collects data and triggers emails based on this data. When you're inside the Klaviyo dashboard you will see order data, product data, checkout data (when visitor start the checkout and when they finish the checkout), when orders are fulfilled by you (the merchant) and even data on cancelled orders. All this data is tied to email addresses.

When setting up Klaviyo you can decide on which events merit an email and set it up to automatically send our a personalized email to accomplish whatever it is you want with that email.

Klaviyos WooCommerce integration is used by eCommerce stores to trigger and target key emails like:

  • Post-Purchase Follow-ups: Target customers who used to purchase but haven't returned recently.
  • Abandoned Carts: Email customers who begin checking out but don't finish to make sure they return to finish their purchase.
  • Cross-selling and recommended products: Send targeted emails to groups of customers based on what they've bought.
  • Special Offers: Target customers who only purchased discounted products with special offers
  • Order fulfillment follow-up: Email customers with tracking information, information on how to care for items, requests for reviews, etc.
  • Customer Segmentation: Leverage your complete WooCommerce data to learn more about your business and find purchase patterns.

How to connect your WooCommerce store to the Klaviyo app

*Before setting up the app, you will need to generate API credentials for your site (this API will be responsible for feeding data into your Klaviyo instance)

1. Go to your WooCommerce tab in the left sidebar of your dashboard

2. In WooCommerce > Setting: Activate the Rest API Key and save.

3. Go to your user profile and scroll to bottom. You will see a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Both look like long alpha-numeric codes. Copy and paste these. You will need them to connect your Woocommerce store to Klaviyo

4.Klaviyo is free for lists of up to 250 emails

5. Once inside Klaviyo you will be prompted for the type of website you are running. Select the eCommerce path

6. Select the Woocommerce integration

7. Enter your site URL, the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret. Save.

8. Your Woocommerce site is now connected to Klaviyo. Klaviyo will being to log data points

At first, from within the Klaviyo dashboard, you may be a little overwhelmed as I was. Take a few hours to browse the different sections of the app and familiarize yourself with the features and the terminology.

Read through their helpful blog articles and case studies. Start checking in daily (if you have daily transactions) and you will see data start to compile.

No emails will be activated and sent until you decide to activate "flows'Now you are set up. Completely for free and on your way to dominating with behavioral email.

Stay tuned for following posts. I will discuss the different flows and features within Klaviyo

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