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A great lead on a spyware free download accelerator!

So, you might be searching for a download accelerator. You will be making a tragic mistake if you just do a google search on "download accelerator" and click on the first one you see, Download Accelerator Plus. Do NOT download this accelerator. Remember, if you download something for fre (and legally), there is almost always a tradeoff if you actually use the software. I made this mistake, and it's costing me many hours of time. If you download this accelerator, then your computer will be infested with so much adware and spyare that it won't even be able to run anymore. They claim that they have all these great features without spyware, but they actually do put spyware on your computer. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Go to's user reviews page if you don't believe me.

They will load a lot of shit to your computer including something called Netzip. Netzip is one of the most dangerous spyware programs that watches the packet traffic from your machine when you download files from the internet. They tag your computer with a unique ID, and anything you download, including all the html files while you're browsing from anywhere on the internet, is reported back to their program's source where the log it and record it with your machine's unique ID that they previously assigned you. Because of this program, and some adware that they loaded on my computer, I now have to do a re-format. I'm thinking about cleaning it, but the spyware cleaning programs don't always get rid of everything.

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Even spybot, one of the most highly acclaimed spyware removal programs, says that download accelerator plus loads malicious software to your computer. In addition, just starting it opens half a dozen connections to ad servers, including Cydoor. That page on spybot lists some download accelerators and whether or not they come with bundled software, so I recommend that you visit that page before downloading any download accelerators.

The current one that I'm using and is spyware free is called Download Express. Spybot says that it is spyware free, and I have not experienced any spyware with them yet. It is definitely my best recommendation right now, because it is free as well as clean. Although it may not speed up downloads as much as some of the other accelerators do, it is a much better and safer alternative.

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