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One of the keys to success in life is taking as much as you can out of...

One of the keys to success in life is taking as much as you can out of the Stuff I Dont Know category and putting it into either the Stuff I Know category or the Stuff I Know I Dont Know category. Its the things that you don't know that have the greatest potential to bite you right in the you know what!

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Fortunately, it has never been easier, or cheaper, to fill up your Stuff I Know category. Grab your smartphone or tablet and get ready to get back to school in a whole new way.

3 Apps for Mobile Learning

TED Talks

If you have never heard of TED you are missing out. No, TED is not the stuffed bear from the Mark Wahlberg movie. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and it is a non-profit devoted to ideas worth spreading. TED Talks are short (18 minutes on average), fascinating talks given at conferences all over the world by thought leaders hailing from all different walks of life. The app is free, the talks are free, the expanding of your horizons is free.

iTunes U

Apple calls iTunes U A lifetime of learning on tap. The claim is not hype, they have a huge catalog of completely free courses from some of the worlds top educational institutions. Youll find Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, and UC Berkeley, along with other distinguished institutions such as MoMA, the New York Public Library, and more. This app is perfect for those looking to take a course here and there on something that interests them as well as traditional college students working on a degree. There is full integration with textbooks in the iBooks app and it keeps your documents, notes, highlights, and bookmarks up to date on all your devices. Change and more to as well as. It read kind of confusing.


If you are looking for on-demand, online courses you can get your fill here. There is a great selection of free and low cost courseware that is created by everyone from university professors to professionals sharing what they know. You can take a class in computer programming, photography, salsa dancing, marketing, cake decorating or pretty much anything else you can think of! You can watch courses on the go and you can save courses for offline viewing so you can watch them while you're on a plane or subway!

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