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Why Type When You Can Talk?

Press Ctrl+D to instantly start typing with your voice anywhere on your Windows Desktop or Laptop. Dictate, emails, documents, web searches… anything!


Powered by Google’s 99.5% accurate Chrome speech to text service.

FREE 30 Day Trial, Just $2.49/month if you continue.

99.5% Accurate!

LilySpeech is powered by Google Chrome’s amazing speech to text service which is 99.5% accurate. If you’ve been sending text messages with your voice on your Android phone, then you already know how well it works.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of just how accurate LilySpeech is.

Custom Words

You can customize LilySpeech to recognize custom words. This might be business names, web addresses, the correct spelling of peoples names, industry specific terms. Anything you wish.

Even for people in specialized Industries, LilySpeech shines with its ability to recognize unusual vocabulary.

Canned Answers

LilySpeech also includes a full-fledged canned answer solution allowing you to instantly access templated emails, form messages and more.

If you routinely answer the same questions over and over again or find yourself repeating yourself in emails, this is an invaluable feature that will boost your productivity.

Works Anywhere

Your LilySpeech account and all of its custom words and canned answers are stored in the cloud. What does this mean?

It means that all of your data is backed up instantly in real time. It also means that if you run LilySpeech on multiple computers, customizations you add at home will be automatically applied at work.

See it in Action!

LilySpeech Speech Recognition Demo

LilySpeech is truly a joy to use. Press Ctrl+D and start dictating absolutely anything on your computer in real time.

In this demonstration we see:

  • Text dictated in real time
  • Various punctuation
  • Transfer of text into an email

The ease of use is amazing and the time savings will have you jumping for joy! 

Customizable speech recognition software

Custom Words

LilySpeech lets you define custom words. This is perfect if you frequently say names with unusual spellings, business names LilySpeech does not recognize or a wide variety of other situations.

The example to the left insures that the desired spelling of ‘Karren’ is used.

You can get very creative with this if you like. For instance you could have it so that when you say ‘business address template’, LilySpeech outputs your complete business address.

Truly the sky is the limit! Try it yourself with our FREE 30 day trial.

Canned Answers

Canned answers are great. They allow you to save email templates and other blocks of text you use regularly to be transferred into your emails, documents, or wherever.

They are great for answering common questions and saving things you need to send to people regularly like a return policy or hours of operation.

It’s absolutely an essential for business owners and something almost every uses comes to love.

Try it yourself with our FREE 30 day trial.

canned answers software

What Are You Waiting For?!

Download and try for FREE for 30 days!

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