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10 interesting web apps for testing your code online

In this article I want to outline 10 interesting web apps for testing your code online . All of these apps require an Internet connection, and some of the more advanced editors offer plans to upgrade your account features. But most of these tools will surely come in handy when you're scrambling to debug a block of Code.

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Here you go.

1. Codepad

Codepad was created by Steven Hazel, one of the founders of Sauce Labs. It also allows you to share your code to the world. The interface is nice and clean, no fancy business, i like that !

The output screen displays any error messages associated with your code. The left-hand menu radio buttons allow you to change the parsing language from C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and tons more.

2. WriteCodeOnline

The interface of WriteCodeOnline is nice, and is lighter than other alternatives. It supports JavaScript, PHP and Basic URL encoding.

Whats interesting is that you'll see the output results directly underneath the text field. So when you hit run code it will parse through everything and display the result for you to see. Now suitable for large files, but good to test your new ideas.

3. Tinkerbin

Tinkerbin let's you play around with HTML, JavaScript and CSS without creating files or uploading to servers.

It also supports CoffeeScript, Sass (with Compass), Less, HAML, and more.

It renders the output directly on the screen, right side. Their console is very advanced and clearly supports many of the same trends you'd expect moving into the future of web design.

The feature i love the most is that they support the keyboard shortcut, so this makes writing code easy.


JsFiddle is popular among users of StackOverflow. Their interface is a lot different, along with support for more complex functions. You can create your account for free, and start working on your code right away. It generally supports HTML, JS, CSS. A url shortener is built in, for sharing your code all over.

jsFiddle also supports the inclusion of libraries such as YUI, Prototype, jQuery and several other libraries and frameworks.

5. IDEOne

IDEone is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows to compile and run code online in more than 40 programming languages which include Objective-C, Java, C#, VB.NET, SQL and lots more.

You can also store this source code via a unique URL to share around the Web. However I do feel that their layout is very cluttered with ads and other content, it makes using their website difficult, thanks to adblock. Otherwise it's nice website to play on.

6. Google Code Playground

Google Code Playground provides developers to have full access to their APIs and can debug all your code right from the same window. It's not that much popular, but it's cool.

The API include lot of open source Google code for e.g. Color restriction from Image Search, markers from Google Maps, and even video players directly from YouTube. As you click through these different examples the live preview box will update accordingly.

This is not suitable to debug everything you write, better use it as a resource to pull some data from Google Searches.

7. CodeRun

The CodeRun IDE is an online editor for any dynamic web application. Their text editor looks very similar to Microsoft Visual Studio, and you can code in C#, JavaScript and PHP. Their libraries include 3rd party resources such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect and Sliverlight.

The interface of CodeRun is somewhat like MS Visual Studio, so if have worked on it, you'll work on it too. At the bottom of the screen you'll find debugging tools and output from the console window. You can even upload/download project files locally to your computer.

8. Viper7

Viper7 is an other online editor. Their debugging tools are setup for PHP output where you have choices between PHP5 and PHP4.

You can create an account andyou can use their service as a personal storage system. Much like other online editors, you can name each PHP project and keep them hosted online for free. As you parse each script the editor will offer additional meta details, such as browser request & response headers.

9. CSSDesk

If you want to work on stylesheets, CSSDesk is for you. The whole setup is basic, means source-code is on the left and the corresponding output is on the right.

This also allows you to download source code as files to your computer. You can also generate a short URL link to share online.

10. SQL Fiddle

SQL Fiddle supports SQL database syntax.This is my favorite in terms of testing database code.

The output data from your SQL code will appear in a table beneath the editors. You can write some code to implement new data on the right and generate a schema on the left. This database schema is SQL code you can save to export your current database and re-install everything on a new server.

Final Summary

With the advancement of internet technology these days, it is nice to work collaboratively, despite of the distance. So all these websites make it easy to work, run code online, and share our work to others. All these websites listed here, serves for different purpose, select whichever suits you. I've just numbered it for no reason actually.

I hope this article helps you a lot to select your best environment to work on. All these don't serve as complete project development instead these are to test a module or an idea. Don't expect much from it.

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