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Adobe OnLocation CS5 for shooting direct to disk and monitoring footage

Adobe OnLocationCS5 is powerful cross-platform (Windows and Intel-based Macs), direct-to-disk recording and monitoring software that helps you shoot better and faster. The completely redesigned interface puts control of all functions on a single screen and features the familiar look and feel of other Adobe creative applications. Use the professional on-set monitoring tools to calibrate your camera, set levels, and monitor signals to obtain the best quality video and audio and avoid time-consuming and potentially costly problems.

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Shooting and capturing video directly to disk let's you record a two-hour event as a single clip or shoot as many takes of a scene as you need to get it rightno changing tapes, no solid-state memory time limits, no missed action. It's a director's dream come truebut when you're editing, finding that one perfect take among dozens of outtakes can be difficult. To make it easier, Adobe OnLocation CS5 offers a Shot List that enables you to re-record multiple takes of the same scene retaining the metadata automatically from the original master shot. When you edit the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can search for a favorite take simply by searching for metadata logged while you originally recorded the footage. Or, run the speech-to-text feature in Adobe Premiere Pro, which uses new metadata support to find words spoken by the talent.

Adobe Encore CS5

Use Encore to create DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs, and with one click, easily save projects you designed to be delivered to disc as interactive content compatible with Adobe Flash Player for the web.

While on location, use Encore to output SWF file versions of your dailies to post online.

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