Many LilySpeech users are experiencing problems at this time. If you are experiencing problems, please reinstall LilySpeech.

LilySpeech Free Version

We are trying something new that allows you to use LilySpeech without paying a penny!

The free version of LilySpeech is made possible by showing very occasional advertising as well as using a very small amount of your internet bandwidth and CPU to support our services.

None of this activity in any way shape or form involves gathering or storing or sharing your personal data. It simply makes it possible for us to do what we do on a larger scale at a lower cost by leveraging a little bit of your CPU and internet bandwidth for the processing necessary for our services.

You can download the free version of LilySpeech here.

If you do not wish for these activities to occur, you can purchase our premium version which will not perform any background market activity.

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