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Smart Mobile Platform: Smarter With In-Memory Data

I wrote recently about the reasons In-Memory Data Grids (IMDGs) could be a game-changer for enterprise mobility. In that blog I argued that faster processing would allow more users to access business processes on mobile, with instant data retrieval and smart searches; but that this increased connectivity would place greater strain on networks .

Today I want to talk about how smart mobile platforms , underpinned with In-Memory Data Grids, can be used to optimise your enterprise applications data needs, and provide some pointers for what to look for in your enterprise mobility solution.

Why use a mobile platform?

The advantages of using In Memory Data Grid architecture far outweigh the potential future disadvantages of running out of bandwidth, but you can sidestep this problem altogether with a smart mobile platform which will also help your users work more effectively today. In Memory Data Grids are key to this.

Todays enterprise mobility isn't just about building an app (or even several apps) or providing mobile access to your CRM or ERP, for instance. Its all about giving your users the ability to complete work tasks where and when they want, on whatever device they want. This means that enterprise mobility is about providing windows onto a business process, and that's a very different proposition.

Consider a travelling salesperson who needs to update customer records after a meeting. Not only do they need to access the CRM, but if the meeting has been successful then the next step might be for a credit check or for an order fulfilment in the ERP. That user can work far more effectively if their sales process app can access data across multiple systems .

So what we end up with as a smart enterprise mobility solution is in fact a multitude of back-end processes which can present integrated data in a natural way on any mobile device. Thats a smart mobile platform , and In Memory Data Grids are the enabler.

Recap: What are in-memory data grids?

As a quick refresher (or take a look at my previous blogs on this subject, Why In-Memory Data Grids Are A Mobile Game-Changer and Why In-Memory Data Grids Are A Must For Enterprise Integration), In-memory data grids are a combination of in-memory computing and data grids .

Originally designed for the largest scientific collaborations and web giants, In Memory Data Grids are now affordable for your organisation

In-memory computing uses memory as a storage area while tasks are being processed, rather than writing to a disk, thus providing greater processing speeds . Data grids distribute the data across a network, storing it in servers which are all active, and this provides dynamic scalability and redundancy in the system.

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