Antivirus Giving You Trouble?

LilySpeech is still relatively unknown software and many antivirus providers block LilySpeech. We are in the process of submitting LilySpeech to the various antivirus providers to be whitelisted.

If LilySpeech is blocked by your antivirus, we would very much appreciate an email from you with the following:

  • Screenshots of the warning message from your antivirus.
  • Screenshots of the quarantine section of your antivirus showing specifically which files your antivirus has blocked.

You can email these screenshots and any other information you feel is relevant to

You can also call us at: 1 (855) 962-4035

Getting Started & Get the Most from LilySpeech

LilySpeech is extremely simple to use. However, there is a few things you should know to get the best results and get going quickly.

We recommend you read the following support articles:

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Creating Custom Words & Vocabulary

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LilySpeech Settings

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Troubleshooting LilySpeech

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