Dictating & Transferring Text

Before you dictate!

  • Set your language and region. That’s important  especially for people with accents.
  • Remember to speak clearly and in full sentences like a newscaster.
  • Take a look at the list of supported punctuation.

How to Dictate & Transfer Your First Message

1. Put Your Curser (Mouse) Where You Want to Dictate

Just click your mouse where are you want to dictate. Can be anywhere you would normally type. We will demonstrate with an email.

2. Launch LilySpeech

Launch by clicking the LilySpeech icon in the tray (by your clock), or click Ctrl+D on your keyboard. Try to gather your thoughts before doing this so you can speak clearly and naturally.

3. Dictate Clearly

Dictate, speaking clearly and naturally. Don’t expect Perfection your first little while. There is a learning curve and you can learn more about getting the absolute best recognition possible here.

4. Click The Transfer Button

When you’re happy click the Transfer button when it’s stopped spinning (processing).

The text will transfer back into your email where you can then edit.

NOTE: LilySpeech also transfers the text to your clipboard. So if you ever have a failed transfer, simply paste in the text.

5. Rinse & Repeat

Don’t feel pressured to dictate long emails or documents in one go. Do a few sentences or a paragraph at a time. This gives you a chance to gather your thoughts and edit what you dictated.

Customize With Options

Don’t forget to check out the options screen.

Here you can change the hotkey that launches LilySpeech, change your color scheme, the window size and various other cool option 🙂

To access the options, right click the LilySpeech icon found in the tray and click Options.




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