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Best Personal Finance and Budget Apps

I have a simple question. If we are always on the go and our money is always moving at the same time, what is the best way to manage it? Smartphones have made us mobile, but now more than ever we need the ability to manage our money mobile as well. The good thing is, there are some great apps available to assist us with all aspects of our finances. I made a list of the best personal finance apps on the market today. You may not need all of them, but using a few can significantly change your behavior, give you control, and make life easier while mobile in regards to your finances. Lets take a more in depth look at some of the apps and what they can do for you.

Sidebar! Keen to greatly alter the outdated vibe for my existing business. Opinions about the whole look at Sincerely a spectacular Toronto based real estate agent online whenever necessary in the whole Ontario locale. Write your feedback. Thanks! This is one of the top rated personal finance apps and one of the best budget apps available, period. allows you to see up to date information about all of your accounts, view your budget, enter transactions, and track investments all in one place. From easy to read graphs to categorizing transactions, can do it all for you. They also take security very seriously. Your app is password protected and at any point you can disable mobile access to all of your devices just by logging into your profile page.

SavingsGoals Saving money is not easy. Sometimes we need a little help seeing how we can attain a savings goal we want to achieve. The SavingsGoals app does just this. SavingsGoals requires you put in a target amount and date based on your desired goal. It will then suggest a savings schedule and calculate how much needs to be saved on a weekly/monthly basis to attain your goal. The great thing about this app is it will show you if you are on schedule and close to your goal. They also add in the feature to allow you to save for multiple goals at once and label them so you always know exactly where you stand. For the goal setter out there, this app is a must.

PayPal PayPal just makes things easy. No matter if you are making a purchase, sending money, or receiving a transfer, the PayPal app is for you. PayPal allows you to checkout securely from millions of merchants with only a few clicks saving you valuable time. The best feature is your debit and credit card number is never given out because it is securely stored at PayPal. You can now use PayPal to checkout at many retail stores right from your smartphone. With your debit and credit card numbers never being exposed, this is hands down one of the best personal finance apps available today.

Manilla Need to organize your bills? Sick and tired of paying late fees? If so, then you need Manilla. Manilla organizes your finances so you can view your bills and accounts in one place. Manilla has numerous features, but one of the most important is the automatic reminder. When the automatic reminder is setup you receive notifications via text or email when your bills are due. You don't have to worry anymore that you have missed a due date or that you will incur late fees. Manilla allows you to remove the fear of the unknown and obtain the information you need immediately regarding many different aspects of your finances.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator My favorite app on the list. How many times have we all been out to eat and needed to divide the check up without any idea how to do it quickly and equally? This simple task always turns into a 15 minute ordeal with one person leaving confused and another person overpaying. As the name describes, Tip N Split Tip Calculator will give you the proper tip amount and most importantly allow you to split up the bill between any number of people easily. No one has to be confused, mad, or frustrated anymore when dividing the check, just download this app and plug in the numbers next time you're out to eat. This app will definitely save you time and headache.

EZ Financial Calculators Interest rates change daily. Your financial situation changes all the time. The EZ Financial Calculators app can help you analyze situations and make decisions as you obtain information. From the 401k calculator to the currency converter, financial calculators can save you a lot of money. I personally believe this is one of the most important apps on the list and you just never know when you might need it.

iReconcile The best budget app for iPhone and one of the best budget apps overall. iReconcile comes with a built in budget tracker, checkbook register, and detailed reporting. Add a very easy to read graphical interface and category view within your budget and I think this app is worth a download. This app allows you to master the basics while giving you numerous other features to assist you with your money. Give it a shot, it will not disappoint.

Does your bank have their own app? Sometimes you just need to access your checking or savings and that is it. Maybe you do your budget at home or you have all of your accounts linked to your home computer and you don't want everything on your phone. In this case, I always recommend downloading your banks app to keep it simple. You will always get the most functionality and flexibility when you obtain your banks app rather than incorporating your accounts within an all in one app.

Your money moves every day. Deposits, withdrawals, transfers, it never stops moving. To keep up with it, sometimes you have to manage it on the go. This list of the best personal finance and budget apps will save you time and money. Along with managing money, a few of these apps like the EZ Financial Calculators and Tip N Split Tip Calculator give you very valuable information. Managing money is not just about your checkbook and your budget, it is also about obtaining the proper information when you need it to make the best possible decision. Overall, apps have changed the way we shop, travel, and most importantly changed the way we manage our money.

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