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How to Bulk Export Active Directory ACLs


Active Directory stores and protects vital IT resources like user accounts, computer accounts and security groups. These are stored in the form of Active Directory objects in Organizational Units.

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Each Active Directory object is protected by a security descriptor, which contains an access control list (ACL.) Each ACL in turn contains many access control entries (ACEs). Each ACE specifies some security permissions for some security principal (e.g. user, computer, group, well-known principals.)

IT personnel often need to be able to export Active Directory ACLs such as to capture a snapshot of the security ACLs in Active Directory, or to perform advanced Active Directory security analysis.

Exporting Active Directory ACLs

IT personnel often need to be able to export Active Directory ACLs to attain and maintain security.

Unfortunately, Active Directory does not provide the means to export Active Directory ACLs.

It is also not very easy to write scripts to export Active Directory ACLs, because in order to do so, one needs to open the security descriptor of all objects, then access the ACL and examine every ACE in the every ACL and export these ACEs. In addition, this also involves resolving SIDs and seperating ACE fields and can thus be complicated.

Performing all of these steps manually takes a long time, involves non-trivial effort and requires expert knowledge. As a result, exporting Active Directory ACLs is difficult for most IT personnel.

Fortunately, there are some really useful tools available that make it very easy for IT personnel to efficiently and cost-effectively export Active Directory ACLs.

One of the most capable and useful tools for bulk exporting Active Directory ACLs is the Microsoft-endorsed Gold Finger security analysis tool for Active Directory.

With Gold Finger, one can easily bullk export Active Directory ACLs. In fact, Gold Finger's ACL export capabilities let you easily export the ACLs of all objects in an Active Directory tree, as well as present the various fields of every ACE of every ACL in a seperate column for easy analysis.

Specifically, Gold Finger provides the ability to export the ACLs of all obejcts in an Active Directory Tree, and for each ACE of every ACL, display the following fields -

  1. Type
  2. Security Principal
  3. Permissions
  4. Class/Attribute
  5. Inheritance
  6. Applies To

Active Directory ACL Exporter Demo

This is a demo of the Active Directory ACL Exporter capability of the Gold Finger security analysis tool -

Active Directory ACL Exporter Capabilities

The following is a list of Active Directory ACL Exporter capabilities of the Gold Finger security analysis tool -

  1. Export the ACL of an individual Active Directory object.
  2. Export ACLs of all objects in any Active Directory tree, such as a Container, OU or domain
  3. Sort the entire ACL of any Active Directory object by any ACL field.
  4. View all the fields of an Active Directory object's ACL, including flags.
  5. Get object ACLs from a DC of your choice.
  6. Specify alternate credentials for ACL exports.

Additional Capabilities

In addition to being able to export Active Directory ACLs, Gold Finger offers the following security analysis capabilities for Active Directory -

  1. Customizable Security Audit Report Generation
  2. Nested Group Membership Enumeration
  3. A Detailed ACL Viewer
  4. A Bulk ACL Exporter
  5. Permisssions Analyzer
  6. Efective Permissions Analyzer
  7. Effective Delegated Access Analyzer
  8. Effective Delegated Access Reports

Additional Information

Gold Finger's valuable Active Directory security analysis capabilities are endorsed by Microsoft and trusted by numerous prominent organizations including Microsoft IT and the US Army.

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