Getting The Best Recognition With LilySpeech


The following is a few tips to get the very best possible speech recognition with LilySpeech.

Choose the Right Language Option

LilySpeech supports dictation in 51 different language regions. There are multiple regions for most languages so, for instance you will get much better speech recognition results if you are Australian choosing the English, Australian option. More details here.

Use A Headset Microphone

While many users get good results even with a laptop microphone, it’s generally best to use a headset microphone. Also, try to have the boom of the microphone at least 1 inch away from your mouth.

Use Good Enunciation When You Speak

Most people find it helpful to try to speak like a news broadcaster. Don’t feel you need to speak slowly or quickly. Just speak naturally annunciating each word.

Speak In Full Sentences

In everyday life we are so used to humming and hawing, stopping and starting, backtracking and so on in our conversations. Speech recognition doesn’t react to that very well 🙂

So, do your best to mentally prepare for what you’re going to say before you say it. Say one sentence, mentally prepare, say the next sentence and so on.


Last but not least, watch this video where we illustrate how to get good speech recognition results.

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