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Why Type When You Can Talk?

LilySpeech is a FREE* speech to text dictation application for Windows with support for 51 languages!  Experience the freedom of typing with your voice today.

Best Dictation Software For Pc

Just press Ctrl+D to instantly start typing with your voice anywhere on your Windows Desktop or Laptop. Dictate, emails, documents, web searches... anything!

Powered by Google's 99.5% accurate Chrome speech to text service and the AutoHotkey language.

99.5% Accurate!

LilySpeech is powered by Google Chrome’s amazing speech to text service which is 99.5% accurate. If you’ve been sending text messages with your voice on your Android phone, then you already know how well it works.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of just how accurate LilySpeech is.

Custom Words

You can customize LilySpeech to recognize custom words. This might be business names, web addresses, the correct spelling of peoples names, industry specific terms. Anything you wish.

Even for people in specialized Industries, LilySpeech shines with its ability to recognize unusual vocabulary.


LilySpeech is an extremely lightweight application which will not slow down your computer or hog your computer’s memory.

This is made possible by the fact that the actual speech-to-text conversion occurs in the cloud and does not use your local machines resources.


Our Free* version of LilySpeech is fully functional with no limitations. Read more about how this free version is possible.

Our premium version is available for an annual cost $29.99. Purchase the premium version here.

See it in Action!

LilySpeech Speech Recognition Demo

LilySpeech is truly a joy to use. Click or press Ctrl+D and start dictating absolutely anything on your computer in real time.

In this demonstration we see:

  • Text dictated in real time
  • Customization of display in settings
  • Various punctuation

The ease of use is amazing and the time savings will have you jumping for joy!

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