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Unified Colors HDR Expose 3 is the latest version of their HDR merging software

Unified Colors HDR Expose 3 is the latest version of their HDR merging software. Not only is it powerful and easy to use, it creates some of the most photo realistic HDR images I have seen. Of course if you are looking for more of the grunge effect you can do that as well. You can also do the surrealistic look too.

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When you first load the program you are presented with a menu of options. On this menu is the option to create/merge an HDR when you choose this option you are presented with a file menu window that allows you to browse to your images. Once you have chosen a format (RAW, DNG, JPEG or TIFF 8/16/32 bpc) you are shown thumbnails of your images. Now what is cool and unique here is that the thumbnails are grouped by image. Using the files meta-data, HDR Expose 3 groups the images for each HDR together so that finding and selecting them is quick and easy. Should this not show them perfectly grouped there is a slider at the bottom of the dialog called Auto-Stack Images that allows you to adjust this. You can also turn this feature off if you wish.

Once you have selected your images you simply choose merge and the program goes through and merges the images. But, before you do this you may want to choose between automatic ghost removal or manual. Auto works perfectly about 90% of the time I have found the rest of the time the manual controls allows you to handle the ghosting problem.

From here it is all about editing your HDR image. HDR Expose 3 offers quite a few editing options among them you have a brightness histogram, navigator window, veiling glare (which reduces haze in your image), tone mapping, tone curve, dodge and burn, color settings, noise reduction and geometry (which includes cropping and resize.)

At the bottom of the window you have your presets. Several good ones are included and you can create your own as well. Overall HDR Expose 3 is a great HDR application that does it's job very well. It creates real looking images with high dynamic range or grunge/surrealistic effects too.

An update was just released taking Expose to 3.1, new and improved features for version 3.0 and 3.1 include:

HDR Image Processing

    • New Key-frame based Merge Alignment Algorithms that allow you to hand-hold your camera when making bracketed HDR exposures. Their new automatic and manual alignment algorithms are so powerful you'll finally get great results merging hand-held bracketed images!


    • New Automatic adaptive tone mapping algorithms make it easy to create natural looking results with optimal contrast and details across the whole tonal range of the image from dark shadows to brightest highlights.


    • UPDATED Camera RAW File Support. HDR Expose 3 has been updated to support new camera raw files, the list now contains more than 500 camera models. Click here to see if your camera is on the list.


    • NEW Ghost Removal. Key-frame based ghost removal algorithms with local adjustment tools that allow you to fine-tune the removal of ghost artifacts more accurately.


    • NEW 100% Beyond RGB Workflow. A 100% Beyond RGB workflow so that every action you perform from merging to editing to exploring happens completely in Unified Color's patented 32-bit Beyond RGB color space.


    • NEW Image Browser. Image Browser that speeds the process of finding your bracketed exposure sets by automatically grouping them together in the browser.


    • IMPROVED Veiling Glare. Their unique Veiling Glare tool, which eliminates the lens haze created when merging multiple bracketed images now works in the Beyond RGB color space and is even more powerful.


    • IMPROVED Crop, Rotate & Re-Sizing. The Crop, Rotate & Re-Sizing tool now works in the Beyond RGB color space.


    • IMPROVED Tool Layout. The layout of the tools is arranged more intuitively and gives you an option to have multiple tool panels expanded at the same time.


    • IMPROVED Batch Merge. Their popular batch-merge function has been further simplified to a single dialog allowing you to merge a series of bracketed images or a whole shoot.


    • IMPROVED Dodge & Burn. The Dodge & Burn maximum brush size has been extend to 500 pixels to better support higher resolution image sizes.


    • IMPROVED OS Support. HDR Expose 3 will run on Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.8. (Note: Windows XP and Mac OS 10.5 are no longer supported)


    • Improved Theyve added a wider range of Tone-mapping Presets for more artistic choices and fast image editing.

System Requirements:

    • OS: Intel-based 10.7.5 (Lion), Mac OS 10.8.x (Mountain Lion), and Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks)PC: 64-bit (Preferred) Windows 7, or Windows 8.


    • CPU: Dual-core 2.0GHz minimum; quad-core, 2.8GHz is recommended for best performance.


    • RAM: 2GB minimum, recommend 4GB.


    • Video: Recommend 128M video memory minimum.

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