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Covert Shirt Store Review

They already have a rep as the IM Wealth Builders and this software stands to be just as promising!

But what is a covert shirt store, anyway? Whats the difference between this shirt store and any others? Let me break it down for you.

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Covert Shirt Store

Covert Shirt Store gets right to the point. Soren and John already staked their claim with one amazing store software launch. Now, they're bringing out the big guns with Covert Shirt Store.

Now's the time to get a leg up from every other t-shirt store with a WordPress-optimized store website builder that comes complete with a whole lot more additional features.

They say we haven't left the t-shirt gold mine in the dust just yet. Now more than ever, users have the technology to set up their own t-shirt stores and make a wider revenue than any other t-shirt store model including the likes of Teespring and Facebook.

Other t-shirt store software can seem nice on the outside, but get buggy with use. Its clear those products exist just to look flashy and turn the creator a profit. Not with Covert Shirt Store. I've tested and approved this product first-hand and it performs exactly as the creators promise.

Soren and John describe the store as the first and only dedicated T-shirt store theme for WordPress. Its a super simple point-and-click web and hosting builder for promoting and selling shirts. Users can sell their own, of course, but I also had huge results affiliating with other t-shirt makers and cross-selling their products.

Since the first store, this new software underwent a huge number of upgrades. The second version has nine updates that help it run better than ever compared to other sites.

Users can sell their shirts internationally with Fabrily and Teezily integration. They can also affiliate their site with Sunfrog T-shirts, a hosting program that already let's you earn sales commissions for other designs you host.

Lemme Break It Down For You

This website software helps out either t-shirt creators like me, looking to get their store off the ground, or marketers that weren't even interested in designing or advertising t-shirts in the first place. Now, even newbies can own a store without being a design pro!

They can host other t-shirt designers and reap the commission benefits, all while helping their e-mail list with a great program.

Here's a run-down of the software. You don't have to spend hours coding a theme; the whole theme-building process, like WordPress themes, is point-and-click optimized.

You can bring over shirts from Teespring campaigns and other websites with expiration dates Covert Shirt Store sales don't expire until you make them expire. You can drag and drop the shirts you need, set your category, create your description and follow the programs other forms to match your products to keywords and other Google search buzzwords.

The smart self-optimizing store suggests categories and keywords, too . That means that you don't even need to write a single word. If it sounds ridiculously easy, that's because it is.

Once you're done dragging and dropping your products into the smart-template software, you can start paying attention to the best part: your sales. Covert Shirt Store combines advertising, converting and shopping in one site, unlike Teespring.

There are issues with selling t-shirts on a static site, like Teespring, and trying to promote your page with Facebook advertising. Trust me, I've been thereand it's a royal pain.

First, I had to experiment with Facebook advertising. Facebook ads aren't cheap and there's no way to test Facebook ads without paying for those ads first. If they don't work, you're sunk. I had to pay Facebook to make, publish, and keep up ads. I realized I was dependent on their ads to keep traffic going to my old site. They wouldn't come back without big corporate sites helping me along.

Covert Shirt Store changes that with their web store setup. WordPress already does a great job of rising website search ranks and increasing coverage. Now, you can use the WordPress theme to display their shirts front and center.

You can utilize WordPress social media platform to keep customers by themselves, up the traffic with WordPress web rank, and earn commissions by selling other peoples t-shirt designs in addition to your own shirts.

There are several reasons why Covert Shirt Store converts and sells as well it does. But the main reason is that it appeals to just about everyone

The custom t-shirt niche is obviously still very hot, and most people in internet marketing would love to give it a go. But the fact is that designing a t-shirt and then spending money on Facebook ads to promote, scares the majority of your subscribers to death!

Covert Shirt Store gives everyone a chance to get involved with the custom t-shirt niche pros to complete beginners alike

Here are just a few of the ways people are already using their theme:

    • The theme gives you central store front where you can display all your t-shirts. This can help maximize the ROI on paid advertising.
    • The list building and social media features helps create return customers, cutting down on the cost of customer acquisition.
    • With the SEO friendly WordPress platform and social media integration the theme gives a real free traffic alternative to people who don't want to spend money on paid advertising.
    • The integration with Amazon and Sunfrog allows people to earn commissions selling other people's t-shirts. This way you can profit from the t-shirt craze without ever having to design a single shirt themselves.

My Covert Shirt Store Review

Sometimes, hearing drag and drop and point and click and done in minutes can sound suspicious. Come on is it really that easy? After breaking your back and getting tech neck hunched over a computer coding, you might feel like every piece of software needs an insane amount of work, for just a little gain.

Thats what I thought, too, before Covert Shirt Store. Covert Shirt Store changed the way I do business and use WordPress. Its definitely going to do the same for you. Now, I make and host my own designs and help out my colleagues by hosting theirs!

I earn commissions off their sales, they earn commissions off mine, and everyone's happy! We spend more time making and sharing great t-shirt designs than managing a buggy website. I don't know about you, but to me that's a huge plus and big bonus reason to get this software.

You'd think I'd want to keep this all to myself if it's so great. Not true! I want you to have the same discovery and same success as I have.

Now, I spend my time running my store and having a blast building my business. Its not a side job anymore its a place where I invest my time for some much-deserved revenue, just by doing what I love. You can get here, too, with software like this.

In other words, this software is a genius product that's going to do you and your bank account a solid. So many creators have designer contacts with great ideas and very little options for revenue stream.

You can take an option with the Covert Shirt Store software. Take a page from Soren and Johns book and trust the men that put wealth building on the map.

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