Quick Tab Change

A nifty piece of software called Quick Tab Change was released quite a while back and I never really paid much attention to it. I guess my thought process was that initially it didn't really sound like it would make that much of a difference in my surfing. Or so I thought.

But I thought wrong.

Anyone who uses traffic exchanges as part of their marketing strategy knows how important it is to maximize your time while surfing. Surfing traffic exchanges is considered a *free* method of advertising, but it's not really free when you consider that your time has a monetary value on it as well. Therefore, it's of utmost importance to surf efficiently to maximize your return.

One way to surf more efficiently is to use a tabbed browser so you can surf several different traffic exchanges at once. Quick Tab Change, makes tabbed surfing even more efficient by allowing you to create a "hot key" on your keyboard that allows you to switch tabs much quicker than having to move your mouse and clicking. My personal favorite is to make the left windows key my hot key so I can rest one hand on my keyboard while my other hand uses the mouse to click the surf buttons. This actually allows you to spend more time looking at the websites too because your eyes don't have to be focused on your mouse pointer going up to switch tabs.

I completely ignored this piece of software when it first came out because I didn't really think it would make much difference. But after doing some initial tests, you really can surf about 40% more efficient this way. And that can add up to a lot more credits to advertise your websites with.

So do yourself a favor and check out Quick Tab Change.

You'll earn more advertising credits for the time you spend surfing. Oh, and your friends won't call you a nincompoop!

Posted in Software Post Date 04/20/2020






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