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The pros and cons of using Opera...

I first got introduced to Opera, because I was just browsing betlik's general discussion forum. Somebody advertised it as the fastest browser, so I decided to try it. Why spend exta time waiting for things to load when you do not have to?

Compared to Firefox, Opera didn't seem bad for loading pages. When I tried to download large files, however, it actually seemed slower. I'm probably still going to use Opera in the future for it's other features. It seems to be more complicated and has more built-in features than Firefox does in addition to some widgets that you can add on.

One thing I like about it is that it's smarter when you're using a WYSIWYG editor and you press enter, you go onto the next line do rather than going on to the next paragraph and skipping a line. One thing that drove me nuts in internet explorer and Firefox was needing to open the html editor and waste time letting it load just so I could add one little thing to a new line in a post but not start a new paragraph.

I also like how you can start browsing from how you last left the browser rather than starting at a home page every time. I can even have multiple tabs opened with my favorite sites whenever I start the browser.

Opera is also smarter in opening things with the target "_new" or "_blank. Instead of opening those in a new window, you just get a new tab. I hate having too many windows open at the same time, so this feature makes my life easier. Now I don't have to keep right clicking and clicking open in a new tab whenever something's target is a new window.

Another feature, although not that important, is the hover over thumbnail feature. If you are browsing with tabs and you put your cursor over a tab, then you get a thumbnail of the page of the tab that you are hovering over.

There is bittorrent support so you do not have to download torrents from a regular torrent client, but I haven't gotten it to work yet. I think I would probably still prefer bitcomet.

Those we're just a few examples of the features. If you are interested in this browser, then visit Opera's page.

Some potential drawbacks are the fact that it uses more CPU power and that all pages may not be designed for it. Some template designs do not look the way they are supposed to in Opera. Since it's not that popular of a browser, I doubt many webmasters optimize their pages for it. I have not had a huge problem with this yet, but since things do not look exactly the same in Opera as they would in the more popular browsers, some templates could be distorted. Overall, Opera is still a nice browser that should be worth trying.

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