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Timer Magic Review: Special Timer Technology that Increases YOUR Sales Manifold

I have to say, I only started using this a short while ago and I'm already in love. I needed to tell you and everyone else about this great product.

So, what is it? Where do you put a timer? Allow me to explain.

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The thing is, there are all sorts of products that say they'll boost engagement or conversions, but not much comes close to the reminder of a countdown.

Don't you hate bidding on a product that slips through your fingers because you ran out of time? I know I do. Timer Magic can build, for you, your very own website timer. This timer let's you and all your website visitors know when sales start and when sales stop.

Do what I did and watch your sales skyrocket the closer the timer gets to zero. Its a whole lot of fun, for both me and my wallet!

Timer Magic will give your lists the codes you need to increase your conversions with the statistics of a timer. And not only that, but the timer can be customized and designed to fit your website and brand.

This software does a whole lot more than any other timer software that exists today.

Timer magic is software a copy and paste code that you can put anywhere that will take code. Think: e-mails, webpages, you-name-it, without paying any third party to draft code, or without paying hundreds of dollars for competitor pre-packaged code.

You won't have to subtract the cost of the timer code from your profit. This means bigger profit margins and very happy customers, all thanks to the masterminds behind the code and company:

Brian Koz and Shawn Casey. If you're going to trust anyone to give you a software that takes your business to the next level, trust these guys.

Both masterminds have way over a decade in the marketing business. Theyve seen trends come and go, rise and fall, and really learned the ins and outs of profit increases caused by webpage and e-mail timers.

Brian Koz is a software creator who specializes in writing all kinds of software for marketing businesses. He has thousands of happy customers and uses his market-dominating skills for good.

Hes affiliated with all kinds of internet marketing experts globally.

Shawn Casey, of course, shares similar success. Shawn Old Man Casey only lives up to that nickname in wisdom and experience, for sure.

The website says it best: he helped hundreds of thousands of customers since the turn of the century and knows his way around products just like these.

How to Use Timer Magic

Basically, put the timer anywhere that will take copy and paste code. But more importantly, put the timer as the focus of the website or e-mail where your new and old customers really need the reminder to act.

Sometimes, it just isn't enough to say, one day left. That's a static sentence for any customer that needs a little more convincing, it doesn't do much.

Now, imagine a timer that's counting down before your customers very eyes. That changes the tune, doesn't it? For launches, timers build hype.

For sales, timers build urgency and impulse. Leads, above all, hate being reminded that they're two hours away from missing a great deal.

Sound too good to be true? Don't worry its just too good. Take it from me. When I saw the kinds of conversions I was getting when my timer wound down, I couldn't believe my eyes.

This timer changed the scope of my website and gave the page that extra something to draw in every last customer. Remember, urgency runs the game. Customers hate to think they'll miss an opportunity that'll be gone forever.

They'll do anything to avoid that #FOMO (fear of missing out)!

Timer Magic has a jaw-dropping story on their website about the kind of conversions you can get with their timer. Why wouldn't they share something like that, if it works so well?

Users usually maintain a 3% conversion rate until you add the three-day countdown timer. The brain thinks in threes, making three-days or less a good choice.

Well, after posting the timer, conversion rates nearly double and keep doubling. Once leads literally see time running out before their eyes, they'll want to get in on the action before it's too late. Its human nature.

The best part? By the last two hours of a promo, conversion rates top at 31%. Think about it: a jump from 3% to 31% with three days using a timer.

And the Timer Magic code has unlimited use anyone can use it, for any amount of time, without renewals or limited time offers. This means taking your earnings from five digits a year, to six or seven and sometimes, six or seven in just a few months.

My Timer Magic Review

That's a lot to take in, but it also leaves a lot to uncover. This amazing piece of software is an opportunity for you, just like me, to take advantage of internet marketing techniques and monetize your clients even more.

Internet marketing is a science, right down to the timers that can inflate conversion rates. Timer Magic is reaching out to you to take part, at no cost, and benefit both you and your list.

I know that when I got started, I would have loved to know something like this coming right out of the gate. This is just one of many trade secrets that work to bring in and keep future customers.

Don't let the opportunity slide by. Timer Magic is an amazing opportunity for only the most rigorous business people. If you want to take your brand to the next level, you'll pull out all the stops to reach the top.

Take it from the makers of Timer Magic, and their hundreds of thousands of customer experience, and from me, the person that tried and loved this product!

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