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Who ever said you needed a mod chip to unlock your Wii?

Who ever said you needed a mod chip to unlock your Wii? Discover the easy way of unlocking your Wii with the need of software that can easily be placed on an SD card and then loaded onto your Nintendo Wii.

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Don't believe these other outdated unlocking methods that say you will need a original Wii disc of Zelda:Twilight Princess, these techniques are old. People think that when this does not work anymore they will need a Wii mod chip to play their favorite Wii backup games.

Wii unlock plus will show you in three easy to follow steps how to unlock your Wii for only $29.97.

Step 1: Join Wii Unlock Plus

Step2: Download the special Wii unlock software to unlock your Wii with a standard SD card (see the video's and read the manual)

Step 3: Start Unlocking your Wii and Presto!

How easy is this? Could not be any simpler right? Hang on, there is even more, not only will Wii Unlock Plus deliver you the software to unlock Wii and the video tutorials and manual, but Wii Unlock Plus will also give you a nice free bonus in the way of the best Wii cheat guide available on the Internet. And that's not all, you will also get 7 of the best application available for the Wii like:

- Homebrew Installer

- Backup Launcher

- Media Player( with this program you can enjoy to listen to MP3 and you can play DVD's

- USB Loader

- Brick Blocker

- Region Free (makes it able to let your Wii play any original Wii disc, Wii backup-discs and DVD from any region)

- Wii Paint (one of the coolest Wii aplictions I have ever seen use your TV as a big drawing board)

And finally as a bonus you will also be a member of the Wii Themes club, change the way your Wii menu looks the way you want, you will be impressed by the giant collection of Wii menu themes.

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